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Hive Software

Digitalice sus operaciones con tareas de Guardian e instrucciones fácil acceso.
visualizar sus operaciones de seguridad y métricas empresariales.

Hive Software Highlights

Total control in one customizable platform

Digitize your operations with Guardian tasks and easy access instructions.
Visualize your security operations and business metrics.


The software solution allows the creation and tracking of campaigns, as well as maintaining affiliate records and access. Independent commission plans can be assigned per agency and agents.


Keep track of all movements made by your employees

Smart commision

Real-time and accurate conversion tracking and records

Advance Risk Management

Unlimited commission tiers and ability to customize plans for individuals or sub-affiliates, you can see the reports in real- time

Unique and advantage Front-end

The Nimbus team wants to help you manage your new affiliates. 

Using standard and unique templates, we developed this module so that you can create your business model, define your risks and manage flexible commission types, as well as manage each affiliate’s roles and privileges.

Loyalty- Gamification

Gamification is the use of game mechanics and experience design to digitally engage and motivate people to achieve their goals with the platform you can provide this unique experience to your users.

Affiliates network

Control your network, assign categories to your customers, and collaborate with a user role.

Hive Smart Commision types

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